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by Krishna Gopal 17/05/2022

FX Bullion

Overall rating: 5 / 5
Type: Broker

FX-Chain is a well-known brokerage, and it is quite popular with traders from all over the world. And there is a reason for that. This platform will surprise you with high-speed execution, relatively low spreads and more than 1000 available assets. You name it. Whatever your trading preferences are, you will find that FX-Chain can be useful and will suit your trading appetite.
FX-Chain allows you to trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency. Now you don’t need to go through a variety of different platforms, remembering where you traded what, you just need only one where you can get it all done. No need to mention that it will speed up things for you big time and will let you focus on the importance of what you are trading and earning rather than jumping from one broker to another.

If you are an experienced trader, you can find a proper use of all the innovative analytical and technical tools which FX-Chain is providing. But even if you are a rookie in a trading sphere, you can take advantage of its advanced crypto dedicated algorithms and TOP performing Robo traders which will help you to get up to 80% average weekly return. Algo trading is a process of executing orders using automated and pre-programmed trading instructions. No need to say that computers can process data way faster and more efficiently than we do. That leads to better results, no missed opportunities and a higher level of performance.

With Algo trading trade execution performed at optimal prices, instantly and accurately. It’s simple to use and operate because it is 100% automated. review intro


  1. More than 1000 available assets to trade.
  2. FX-Chain allows you to trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency.
  3. You can use robo traders, there are three of them: Target FN22, SPDR V5.1 and The Rising phoenix. Algorithms work for either rising or falling markets, have an option of Crypto Fund rebalancing, 89% accuracy.


  1. There is not so much in a minus column for FX-Chain. Some of you may consider submitting your personal ID scan and an address proof an extra hustle. But it’s actually for your fund’s protection.
  2. Negative balance protection does not include any debt payments from the client (not like anyone would really expect that).

Broker Fees

Overall rating: 5 / 5

There are no commissions, no additional payments, or unexpected fees with FX-Chain. Spreads are lower than you can find with another brokerage. Average spread is 0.5 pips, no slippage, no swaps.


  1. No account fees
  2. No commissions
  3. Average spread is 0.5 pips


  1. You need to act fast to get the best deal on your orders (if you are not using automated robo traders).

Broker trading fees

EURUSD benchmark feeGBPUSD benchmark feeAUDUSD benchmark feeEURCHF benchmark feeEURGBP benchmark fee

Broker non-trading fees

Account feeInactivity feeWithdrawal fee

Broker trading fees

EURUSD benchmark fee $7.1
GBPUSD benchmark fee $5.5
AUDUSD benchmark fee $5.7
EURCHF benchmark fee $5.1
EURGBP benchmark fee $8.7

Broker trading fees

Account fee No
Inactivity fee Yes
Withdrawal fee $0.0

Broker markets and products

Overall rating: 5 / 5

FX-Chain offers an innovative tool with highly technical features for your trading experience to be perfect. You can expect instant execution speeds, great customizability, and market analytics of a completely new level. MT5 has 44 analytical objects which can be customized.
FX-Chain presents MetaTrader 5 Web-platform and MT5 App, so you can access your funds just from your pocket.
MetaTrader 5 supports pending, market, stop, and trailing stop orders.

Broker web trading platform

Overall rating: 5 / 5

MetaTrader 5 is called “The most popular Forex and CFD trading platform” for a lot of reasons. You can benefit from all of them. MT5 has more pending order types for more control over your open positions. You are allowed to place eight types.
The platform allows you to place whatever type of order you want pending, market, stop, and trailing stop orders. Some are for instant execution. That flexibility will give you a real chance to reach all your desirable trading results.


  1. No need to download software, just hop on your browser and start trading like a pro in a single click. By the way, it can run on any browser and any operating system. MetaTrader5 will be a handy tool for your money making because of tight fixed spreads and negative balance protection.
  2. MT5 allows intraday swing trading or position trading.
  3. Optimized Strategy Tester and Improved EAs are also on board of benefits of MT5.


  1. Limited crypto options. FX Chain supports trading only in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.
  2. For crypto trading the entry point is no longer $50. To start trading in crypto you need $100.

Broker account opening

Overall rating: 5 / 5

Signing up is easy and free. You can open your account in a couple minutes even if you have never done anything similar before.


  1. Free and painless signing up
  2. Opening an account is a matter of a few minutes.
  3. Usability of the platform will surprise you in a big way.


  1. There is no Demo Account. So, you need to start right away with real money trading.

Broker deposit and withdrawal

Overall rating: 5 / 5

There are no commissions, no additional payments, or unexpected fees with FX-Chain. You will be able to deposit or withdraw your money instantly with a variety of local payment options. Also, you will be able to leverage your investment with a special bonus which offers from 50 to 100%.


  1. You can choose 20+ payment methods
  2. Deposit can be made with crypto
  3. You can deposit online or offline at your local branch.
  4. Instant deposit or withdrawal


  1. You need to keep the receipt or other payment proof and notify FX-Chain about the transfer.
  2. An email confirmation for your money withdrawal can slow things a bit but it gives you an additional layer of protection.

Broker Verdict has a great advantage over competitors – low starting point. You can begin trading with as little as $50 which is even less than one grocery shopping trip. But if you want to go big, there are no limitations for your trading ambitions.
For better performance and satisfaction of all your trading needs, FX-Chain has Standard, Advanced, Professional and Premium accounts. You can deposit as little as $50 and each account includes free educational materials for you to better understand the trading world.
You can enjoy all the benefits of MT5 from your phone (iOS or Android) as well. 24/7 trading all over the World as long as there is your desire and some internet connection.
Beyond any doubt, you can trust additional technical tools included in MT5. You can choose from over 21-time frames for charting. MetaTrader 5 provides clear segregation between the order, position, and transaction.
With each deposit, you can increase your money up to 100%. Just activate your free 50% bonus on the amount of your deposit. Also, you can get a reward through an affiliate program inviting your friends to join FX-Chain. And there is even more: you will get a commission per volume traded by your friends.


✅ Can FX-chain trading account be opened online?

One can now open a FX-chain trading account digitally without submission of any physical documents. Any individual over 18 years of age can open a trading account digitally. Mandatory documents for the same are PAN, bank account, identity and address proofs.

✅ What does FX-chain trading strategy mean?

A FX-chain trading strategy is a systematic methodology used for buying and selling in the securities markets. A trading strategy is based on predefined rules and criteria used when making trading decisions. The key is that an FX-chain trading strategy be set using objective data and analysis and is adhered to diligently.

✅ Are FX-chain trading platforms safe?

Nearly all brokerage institutions are subject to the highest auditing practices and standards, with rigorous security protocols designed to protect you when using your account. FX-chain work with security specialists to constantly surveilled the landscape for new potential threat points. Always be aware of your surroundings, never leaving your computer alone around strangers. Always log out when you are done. Avoid writing down account information, where possible.

✅ Are FX-chain forex trading real?

The FX-chain Forex market is a legitimate trading market where the world’s currencies are traded. FX-chain and large banks trade in Forex on a daily basis; to make a significant profit in this market takes a considerable learning curve.

✅ Are FX-chain forex markets open 24/7?

The FX-chain forex market is open 24 hours a day in different parts of the world, from 5 p.m. EST on Sunday until 4 p.m. EST on Friday. The ability of the forex to trade over a 24-hour period is due in part to different international time zones.

✅ Can you have multiple FX-chain forex accounts?

There is no limit in how many FX-chain forex trading accounts you can have. However, the best way to learn with Forex trading is to stick with one broker, memorize interface, and go on from there.

✅ Is FX-chain forex account management legal?

The FX-chain managed forex account is a trading account where a professional forex trader (money manager) manages the trading on the clients’ behalf and charge a performance fee for the service.

✅ What is FX-chain automated forex trading software?

Automated FX-chain forex trading software runs on a program that analyzes currency price charts and other market activity over multiple timeframes. The software identifies the signals – including spread discrepancies, price trends, and news that may impact the market – to locate potentially profitable currency pair trades.

✅Is my money safe with FX-Chain?

The answer is definitely “yes”. FX-Chain is trying its best and outperforms even itself in the fund’s security matter. The broker offers segregated accounts in accordance with international regulation standards. That allows it to protect customers’ funds from the company’s balance sheets.

✅Is there any data protection?

The platform uses advanced technologies: SSL-secured Personal Area is protected with 128-bit encryption, so there is no way your data will breach out to third parties.
Aside from that, FX-Chain applies 3D secure verification for your credit and debit cards.
Is the Negative balance protection real?

FX-Chain opposing other similar platforms offers a unique deal – the Negative balance protection. It’s an automated risk management system that allows you to surf safely through the waves of trading. The broker guarantees that if you happen to have a negative balance, they will adjust it to zero.

✅IWhat crypto can I trade with FX-Chain?

With FX-Chain you can trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash with 1:10 leverage. The crypto trading with this platform will save you from a nightmare of having multiple e-wallets, complexity of always forgotten mnemonic phrases and juggling different crypto platforms. With FX-Chain you don’t need to have an e-wallet because everything is pre-settled on your MetaTrader platform.

Overall rating: 5 / 5

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04/03/2022, 15:53

To understand this review I think that the most important to begin is to study about this market. After that, you can research the best broker in this field (Fx-chain, for example) and test which one fits better for you.

You need to study and train a lot. It is better to choose this fx-chain broker.

5 5
04/01/2022, 09:47

Opening an account with a new broker can be quite intimidating. There is always a sense of something new and different to wrap your head around. Things like leverage, trading conditions, spread, and platform compatibility draw a lot more attention than they deserve from the newcomers. They often fail to see that besides these factors, any broker worth its salt has so much more to offer.

However, once you get in the door and experience working with fx-chain for a while, everything falls into place. The whole picture becomes clearer and you start making better sense of it all.

5 5