About the project

This day and age, forex brokers number in the hundreds. It seems that for every good, legitimate broker out there, there is one that is the direct opposite, whose sole purpose is to rid you of your money as a result of a fraudulent act or a scam. Unfortunately, these brokers make themselves look like the rest of the bunch, making their identification a complex process, and a never-ending one at that, as it seems that new brokers spring up by the week. A nuance worth mentioning is that no single broker has an ideal reputation. Even the highest rated brokers seem to upset traders at one point or another. Whether it’s their own fault or the brokers is another question, one that we are here to answer.

We are here to provide you with relatively short, yet in-depth reviews, taking a look at some of the most important key factors you should be paying attention to. These include things like regulation, platform types, account types, commissions, deposits and withdrawals, spreads, customer support and more. Last but not least, you can get the latest forex-related news that we consider to be relevant from our blog.

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